PURE LONDON / by jason mcglade

Pure London is the UK's definitive fashion trade show and I was priviliged to be asked to exhibit my work on a gigantic LED screen in the middle of the Olympia venue. I prepared a slide show comprising of several projects which were seen by thousands of people over the three days. It was accopmpanied by the following text that was published in the trade show magazine:

"Jason McGlade is a photographer and creative director well known for his eclectic style and unusual approach to photography. He describes himself as an ‘organic’ photographer interested in the practical process of image making that, he believes, is intrinsic to the outcome of the final image. He predominately works with film, processing his negatives and printing in the darkroom thus being able to shape his images.

His editorial work inspired Jason to make his own magazine - Freestyle Magazine, which is round and fits inside a frisbee. Following his own credo it is for “Creative people who like to play” featuring a mix of photography, art, fashion design & Frisbee.

“Walking the dog” is another long-term project of Jason: A travel journal incorporating portraits, self-portraits, landscape photography and pictures of his ever present dog and best friend “Ozzy”.For Jason “walking” just as photography, has therapeutic values. Suffering from epilepsy for the last 20 years “walking” has helped Jason to cope with his condition. His and Ozzy’s walks sometimes last for many days and many miles; his photographs from these journeys portray deep emotions and capture special moments in time."

About the slide show

There are several projects montaged together:

  • The death of print. Shot in the studio and on location in various book shops. The inspiration for the shoot was the often lamented ‘Death of print’ and Jason produced the final images in the darkroom and hand painted the prints afterwards.
  • Walking The dog. Some imagery from trips to Puglia in Italy, Albania, Germany and the UK.
  • The East Cliff Hotel. Shot on location in a special place – the East Cliff Hotel in Dover. The fashion pictures were sandwiched together with old postcards and Some of the hotel guests are featured in the story.
  • Fiori de Menta.  A fantastical story of a priest who falls in love with a local beauty in the far South of Italy. All imagery produced in the darkroom using the contemporary work mixed with antique glass negatives of religious paintings.
  • The wheel. A project shot for the newest issue of Freestyle Magazine about breaking free from the drudgery of everyday life.
  • The glass project. Made on huge pieces of reinforced glass in his Berlin studio, this work is made without the help of photoshop. The twelve pictures represent the changing seasons from January to December.

See more work by Jason McGlade visit his website at www.jasonmcglade.com. Freestylemagazine is available online and in selected bookshops. For more information visit www.freestylemagazine.co.uk